More Roadster Links - Home of the best Roadster Forum has a great collection of 67.5 2000s
  Gordon's Garage Gordon Glasgow lives in Seattle and owns one of the nicest Roadsters on the road. He's got all sorts of good tips on his site.
  Roadster Forum A great site that you can load your own Roadster pictures to
  Roadster Parts Catalog Some Roadster Microfiche
  Phill Brook's Page Phil recently wrote a book all about Roadsters, you can check it out here
  Classic Fairlady Roadster Register Rob Beddington has compiled some great Roadster racing literature
  Tom's Roadster Page Tom lives in Portland and has lots of good technical tips on his site
  Cin-City Performance A Cincinnati High Performance Shop (Check out the Datsun page)
  The Datsun Roadster Book Scott Sheeler's New & Improved Book

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