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  Need some advice on tuning you SUs? Looking for wheel/tire ideas? Join the Datsun Roadster Email Discussion List! My 67.5 1600 would still be sitting in the garage without this list. Here's how it works. You send an email with your questions to a central list-server, which in turn forwards your message out to everyone that is subscribed to the list. Within minutes of posting your questions, you'll start getting some helpful ideas. Don't be afraid to ask, chances are someone has BTDT.

To join, send an email to: Subscribe , and in the message body put: subscribe datsun-roadsters (put your email address here)

Or, maybe you would prefer to get a day's worth of messages all in one email, rather than receiving them individually, send an email to: Digest , and in the body of your message put: subscribe datsun-roadsters-digest

To unsubscribe, send an email to Unsubscribe , with the following text: unsubscribe datsun-roadsters

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