Ed's 1967 2000 during restoration

Interior before
Interior after
Frame before
Frame after
Body before
Body after
Cowl Drain - Interior
Cowl Drain - Engine Bay
The Frame is looking good!
Front Brakes & Suspension
Frame Front End
A Pic of the front

Ed's 1967 2000 after restoration

A Couple Of Pics From Solvang 2008

  I am currently restoring a 1967 2000. I have been keeping a fairly close account of the restoration. I am currently very close to having the frame rolling, and the body is prepped and ready to put onto the rolling frame. The engine is the matching engine, and has been completely overhauled including all of the original hard parts such as the head, the SU carbs and manifold and even the braided radiator hoses. The transmission I replaced with a 1970 Warner style, but I still have my good old Servo 5 speed. The Warner trans has been completely overhauled including all new bearings, synchros, all shifting components and seals. All suspension components have been stripped and repainted and critical parts replaced except for the ball joints and tie rods which were in excellent shape. I am very fortunate in that my car was a very complete car when I purchased it in 1976. This is a good thing for me because the price of 1967.5 application parts is kind of crazy.

My goal for this car is to restore it as close to original as I can afford and not be too anal. I drove this car many years as a daily driver between Albuquerque and Farmington while I was going to UNM, and between Farmington and Southern California, and I drove it hard. It always treated me right, until I dropped the timing chain in Flagstaff, while moving back to Farmington from California. The car probably won't be ready until the summer of 2005, but I love all the Datsun Roadsters. Since I am a poor working stiff all the work has to be done by myself. I have rebuilt two U-20 engines, two or three 5 speed transmissions, many brake jobs for myself and other Roadster owners, rear axles, and all of the usual maintenance stuff for the cars. I started this resto project in 2000. The first time I fixed up the car it only took me one summer.