I acquired this car accidentally. I had driven the 69 to work and one of my coworkers mentioned that his brother-in-law had just moved to Carlsbad and had a car like mine. I went to meet him and look at the car. He offered to sell it and, after talking it over with my wife Penny, I bought it. It didn't run at the time, I had to haul it home. It is not in as good as shape as the 69. It does run, but spends most of the time in the garage. The body is straight, but there is a lot of rust damage. Both door pillars need to be repaired. I have cut out some of the frame where it was rusted and boxed it in. One of the towers for the torsion bar in the front was cut off and I manufactured one and welded it on. The clutch has been replaced. The brakes were not working, took some time to get the slave cylinders to work properly. The drums have been turned and need to be replaced. I have a set of the ribbed aluminum drums to install someday. The interior needs a lot of work. The dash is a nice flat dash, but needs a speedometer and cable setup. I will probably install a speedo similar to my 69, electronic, that uses a pickup off the drive shaft. The tach works, had a new cable for it. The motor is sound, with new intake manifold and exhaust header. The wheels are wire wheels, don't know what brand. I need to replace the wheel studs though, as the wheels are very thick and the original studs don't give much to attach to. The lug nuts are only of a few threads.